2019 Series


MIRACLES A Christmas Miracle Pastor Bill Ramsey Miracles 12/24/19 Isaiah 61:1Luke 2:11Luke 4:18 A New Hallelujah Pastor Bill RamseyMiracles12/22/19 Luke 1:46-50 Life App https://youtu.be/IvH8DZT0SGk From Misery To Merry Pastor Bill RamseyMiracles12/15/19 1 Kings 17:10-16 Life App https://youtu.be/aWv3vLjA6C8 A Season For Serving Pastor Bill RamseyMiracles12/8/19 Jeremiah 18:2-6 Life App https://youtu.be/tCoJ2MvaXEw Ornaments of Grace Pastor Bill RamseyMiracles12/1/19 Amos 9:11-12 Life App SERIES ARCHIVE

New Normal

NEW NORMAL Three Great Loves Dr Jerry ThorpeNew Normal11/24/19 John 15:13Ephesians 5:25Matthew 22:37-38 Life App https://youtu.be/ZKQtw4-aYEs A New Optimism Pastor Bill RamseyNew Normal11/17/19 Jeremiah 1:4-8 Life App https://youtu.be/BdW4CsgPIac A New Impact Pastor Bill RamseyNew Normal11/10/19 Matthew 14:15 Life App https://youtu.be/vcXiTDgXCuA A New You Pastor Bill Ramsey, Pastor Rob JohnsonNew Normal11/3/19 Acts 9:1-20 Life App https://youtu.be/nyImrQXmiyc A New Overlook Pastor Bill RamseyNew Normal10/27/19 Habakkuk 1:2, 2:1, 3:1 Life App https://youtu.be/pzrV5OcKFjM A… Read More »New Normal


PREPARED The Promise Pastor Bill RamseyPrepared9/8/19 John 14:1-6 Life App https://youtu.be/IfuBzCmhdvg The People Pastor Bill RamseyPrepared9/1/19 John 14:1-3 Life App https://youtu.be/NQmNsFA-dQc The Place Pastor Bill RamseyPrepared8/25/19 John 14:1-3 Life App https://youtu.be/tfAAn1TehYg The Purpose Pastor Bill RamseyPrepared8/18/19 1 Corinthians 2:9 Life App SERIES ARCHIVE


STANDALONE Hope Pastor Mary WallsStandalone Series8/11/19 John 8:1-11Psalm 103:8-121 Peter 3:15Ephesians 3:20Joshua 1:9Romans 8:28 Life App SERIES ARCHIVE


MOVIEHOUSE First Man Pastor Kory BomarMoviehouse8/4/19 Joshua 3 Life App https://youtu.be/wi1uCBpR1dM Venom Pastor Matt RifeMoviehouse7/28/19 Ephesians 6:121 John 4:4 Life App https://youtu.be/luxKknpvRHs Aquaman Pastor Scott LeMeilleurMoviehouse7/21/19 Mark 10:41-45 Life App https://youtu.be/XjeqnuurEMc Ralph Breaks The Internet Pastor Dallas OvalleMoviehouse7/14/19 Ephesians 3:16-21 Life App https://youtu.be/ncM30r-VquQ Mary Poppins Returns Pastor Scott LeMeilleurMoviehouse7/7/19 Psalm 119:105 Life App SERIES ARCHIVE

This Is Us

This Is Us Worship Matters Pastor Rob Johnson, Lani ButlerThis Is Us6/30/19 Mark 14:3-9 Life App https://youtu.be/6GEwjcP9Y5U No More Hamster Wheel Living Dr Dan HooperThis Is Us6/23/19 Psalm 90:10,12Samuel 16:10-11 Life App https://youtu.be/kqCUXwU5wt0 Ministry Matters Pastor Rob Johnson, Pastor Kory Bomar, Pastor Matt RifeThis Is Us6/16/19 Mark 10:45 Life App https://youtu.be/vbS5nv-bwmg Connection Matters Pastor Rob Johnson, Pastor Dallas OvalleThis Is Us6/9/19 Ecclesiastes 4:9-10,12 Life App https://youtu.be/ehLT9AWynSE Community Matters Pastor Rob… Read More »This Is Us

Take Courage

Take Courage Courageous Character Pastor Rob Johnson, Pastor Mary WallsTake Courage5/12/19 Matthew 14:26-29 Life App https://youtu.be/RRD0CCCA270 Sovereign Storms Pastor Bill RamseyTake Courage5/5/19 Matthew 14:22-27 Life App SERIES ARCHIVE

I Am

I Am The Resurrection and The Life Pastor Bill RamseyI Am4/21/19 John 11:25-26 Life App https://youtu.be/qnrlyAs2yCg The Light Of The World Pastor Bill RamseyI Am4/14/19 John 8:12 Life App https://youtu.be/oi2-yk6veqI The Way, The Truth & The Life Pastor Bill RamseyI Am4/7/19 John 14:1-6 Life App https://youtu.be/53dIXgOZmPU The Bread Of Life Pastor Bill RamseyI Am3/31/19 John 6:35 Life App https://youtu.be/wLGZZe7uxAQ The True Vine Pastor Bill RamseyI Am3/24/19 John 15:1-5 Life App… Read More »I Am


Sculpted My Response Pastor Bill RamseySculpted2/17/19 Romans 8:28-31 Life App https://youtu.be/oADlIoMbv28 The Divine Displayed Pastor Bill RamseySculpted2/10/19 Romans 8:29-30 Life App https://youtu.be/_gjkCa9HA28 Proper Perspective Pastor Bill RamseySculpted2/3/19 Romans 8:29-30 Life App https://youtu.be/OlD_EjAXwYM The Process Of Progress Pastor Bill RamseySculpted1/27/19 Romans 8:29-30 Life App https://youtu.be/XSuPqeUiWVo A Work In Progress Pastor Bill RamseySculpted1/20/19 Romans 8:29-30, Philippians 2:12-13 Life App https://youtu.be/hWNE2Sejh8s A Design In Mind Pastor Bill RamseySculpted1/13/19 Romans 8:29-30 Life App SERIES… Read More »Sculpted

The Elusive Peace

STANDALONE The Elusive Peace Dr Jerry ThorpeStandalone Series1/6/19 Psalm 23:4 Philippians 4:7Matthew 5:9 Life App SERIES ARCHIVE Youtube